Why is IKEA Shipping so Expensive?

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Anyone who has ever shopped at IKEA knows that the store offers a wide variety of affordable furniture and home decor items. Not everyone knows that IKEA also offers shipping services.

For a fee, customers can have their purchases delivered to their homes or business. IKEA’s shipping services are reliable and convenient, making it a great option for busy people who don’t have time to shop in person.

However, one downside of shopping at IKEA is the high cost of shipping. Ironically, the very thing that makes IKEA so affordable–its location–is also what makes shipping so expensive. But for many customers, the low prices are worth the extra shipping costs.

How Long Does IKEA Shipping Take?

1-2 business days is how long it takes for Ikea shipping. That is the standard wait time for most people. There are a few cases where it can take a little longer, but that is usually due to circumstances out of Ikea’s control, such as weather delays.

Overall, 1-2 business days is a pretty accurate timeline for Ikea shipping. So if you are waiting for your Ikea order, expect it to arrive within that time frame.

Does IKEA Charge Delivery Per Item?

IKEA’s delivery fee is calculated per order and not per item; instead, they calculate a shipping fee per order. This means that customers can save money by ordering multiple items at once.

IKEA also offers in-store pick-up for customers who live near an IKEA location. An in-store pick-up is a convenient option for customers who want to avoid shipping fees altogether.

Why Is IKEA Shipping so Expensive?

There are a few reasons why IKEA shipping is so expensive. IKEA products are notoriously heavy. This means that they require more fuel to ship, which drives up the cost.

The delivery point can make a big difference. If you live in a rural area or far from an IKEA store, the shipping cost will be higher.

Some of IKEA’s products are high-end and cannot be shipped recklessly. These items require special handling and packaging, which adds to the cost.

Tax and customs charges can also add to the final bill. And finally, if you live in a state without an IKEA store, you will pay a higher shipping cost because the company has to ship the product from another state.

These factors combine to make IKEA shipping one of the most expensive aspects of the company’s business model.

Can You Get Free Shipping at IKEA?

While IKEA’s prices are already quite competitive, many shoppers are disappointed to learn that the company does not offer free shipping. IKEA does offer a flat-rate shipping option for online orders, but this fee can still add up, especially for larger items.

As a result, savvy shoppers often look for IKEA coupon codes and deals that offer free or discounted shipping. While IKEA does not currently offer free shipping, there are still ways to save on delivery fees (we take a look at this later).

Do You Tip IKEA Delivery?

You are not required to tip IKEA delivery drivers, but it is appreciated if you do. The average tip is $5-$20. IKEA delivery drivers are paid an hourly wage, so they do not rely on tips to make a living.

However, a small tip can be a nice way to show your appreciation for their efforts. If you decide to tip, you can do so in cash or add it to your credit card total when you sign for the delivery.

Does IKEA Deliver to Apartments?

The answer is yes! IKEA offers delivery to apartments and condos, although there are some restrictions. For customers who reside in an apartment or condo with a front desk, their order will be delivered to the desk.

For flats or condominiums with just external doors, the order will be delivered to the apartment door. So no matter what type of living situation you have, IKEA can still get your order to you.

Of course, there are some other things to keep in mind when ordering from IKEA if you live in an apartment. First of all, you’ll need to make sure that the furniture you’re ordering will fit through your door and into your apartment.

Additionally, you may need to provide additional instructions for the delivery driver so they can find your apartment and get your order to you safely. But as long as you keep these things in mind, ordering from IKEA as an apartment dweller is no problem at all!

How to Avoid IKEA Shipping Costs

Any shopper knows that the cost of shipping can add up quickly, especially when buying from multiple retailers. But there are a few ways to avoid those pesky shipping costs when shopping at IKEA.

One way is to consolidate your orders into a single shipment. That way, you only have to pay for shipping once. Another option is to use IKEA’s Click and Collect service. With this service, you can order items online and then pick them up at your local store for free.

You can also try buying IKEA items on Amazon. While not everything is available on Amazon, you might be able to find what you’re looking for and avoid shipping costs that way. Or, if you’re already planning on going to an IKEA store, you can try placing your order online and then selecting “in-store pickup” at checkout.

That way, you can just grab your order when you’re already at the store. Lastly, keep an eye out for IKEA’s major sales. Oftentimes, the company offers free shipping during these sales periods so it’s worth checking out their website before placing your order.

Additionally, promo codes for free shipping are sometimes available so it doesn’t hurt to do a quick search online before checkout. And if all else fails, you can always try picking up your order at a FedEx location.

While it’s not technically free shipping, it is usually cheaper than having the items shipped directly to your home. So there are a few ways to avoid those pesky IKEA shipping costs. Just remember to plan ahead and do your research before placing your order!

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