Why are Pendleton Blankets So Expensive? Top 7 Reasons

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Pendleton blankets are one of the most popular brands of woolen blankets in the United States. The company has been producing blankets since 1863 and is known for its high-quality, durable products.

While there are many imitations, Pendleton is the only brand that uses virgin wool sourced from sheep that graze in the highlands of Scotland, and the cotton is from American-grown long-staple cotton.

This ensures that each blanket will be soft, thick, and warm.

Pendleton also offers a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect blanket for any occasion.

The blankets are inspired by Native American art, and the company has worked closely with the tribes to create authentic designs.

Today, Pendleton blankets are popular among all kinds of people, from outdoorsmen and women to urbanites who appreciate their timeless style.

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Why are Pendleton Blankets So Expensive?

Pendleton blankets are so expensive because they are made from high-quality materials and are crafted with great attention to detail.

The company uses only the finest virgin wool, cotton, and other fabrics to create their blankets, and each one is inspected for quality before it is shipped.

In addition, Pendleton has a long history of manufacturing blankets dating back to the early 19th century, so customers can be sure they are getting a quality product that will last for years.

When you buy a Pendleton blanket, you’re not just getting a piece of fabric to keep you warm. You’re buying a piece of American history that’s been woven with the finest woolen yarns available.

The company has been producing blankets since the early 1900s, and they continue to be some of the most sought-after items in the world.

Here are detailed reasons why are Pendleton blankets so expensive:

1. High-Quality Raw Materials

But why are Pendleton blankets so expensive? It all comes down to the quality of the raw materials.

The wool used in these blankets is sourced from high-altitude sheep farms in Italy and New Zealand.

The yarn is then spun at a mill in Switzerland that has been using traditional techniques for centuries.

This results in a blanket that’s both incredibly soft and incredibly durable.

2. The production Cost

Pendleton blankets are a popular tourist souvenir, but they can also be quite expensive.

The high price is due in part to the cost of production.

Each blanket is made from 100% wool, which must be sheared from the sheep and then cleaned, combed, and spun into yarn.

The yarn is then dyed and the designs are woven into the fabric. Finally, the fabric is cut and sewn into a blanket.

All of this work takes time and skill, which contributes to the high cost of these blankets.

3. Branding

Pendleton has been making woolen blankets since 1863, and they are now a well-recognized brand.

Because of this branding, Pendleton blankets can often sell for twice as much as other similar blankets on the market.

So, next time you’re in the market for a new blanket, be sure to keep Pendleton in mind—you’ll be paying for that recognizable name.

4. Marketing Cost

The high price is not simply because of the quality of the wool, but also because of the high cost of marketing.

Pendleton spends millions of dollars each year advertising their products, which drives up the cost for consumers.

While some may find this to be excessive, Pendleton has been able to create a very successful brand that is known around the world.

5. Durability

Pendleton blankets are so expensive because they are durable.

The wool used to make these blankets is sourced from the finest sheep in the world, and each blanket is hand-woven in a time-honored tradition.

Pendleton blankets can last for generations when properly cared for, making them a wise investment for anyone looking for a quality throw.

6. High demand in the market

When most people think of Pendleton blankets, they think of the luxurious, warm woolen blankets that are popular among Native American tribes.

What many people don’t know is that Pendleton blankets have become a popular luxury item in the modern world, and their high demand has caused prices to skyrocket.

Pendleton blankets can range in price from around $200 to as much as $1,000, and this is largely due to the high demand for them.

They have become popular not only as bedding but also as decorative pieces for homes.

The unique designs and colors of Pendleton blankets make them a popular choice for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their interiors.

7. Unique Design

Unlike other blankets on the market, Pendleton designs are not mass-produced but are instead created using a hand-crafted technique that results in a more refined look.

In addition to their superior quality and craftsmanship, Pendleton also offers a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect blanket for any occasion.

Why are Pendleton blankets so popular?

There are a few reasons why Pendleton blankets are so popular.

Firstly, the company has been in business for over a hundred years and has built up a strong reputation for quality.

Secondly, Pendleton designs unique patterns for their blankets, which have a very traditional and timeless look.

Thirdly, Pendleton uses high-quality materials in their blankets, ensuring that they will last for many years.

Are Pendleton blankets made in China?

The Pendleton blankets are not made in China but are instead made in the United States.

The company has a long history dating back to the early 1800s and takes pride in producing high-quality blankets that are both comfortable and durable.

While the manufacturing process has been updated over time, Pendleton still produces its blankets using traditional techniques that ensure their quality and craftsmanship.

Where do Pendleton blankets come from?

The Pendleton blankets originate from the Western United States.

The blankets are made from wool that is taken from the sheep that live in the region.

The wool is then cleaned and spun into yarn. The yarn is then used to create the blankets.

The company is known for its blankets made from American Indian-inspired designs.

The blankets are manufactured at the company’s factory in Pendleton, Oregon.

Are Pendleton wool blankets warm?

The short answer to this question is yes, Pendleton wool blankets are warm.

However, the blankets are not just warm, they are also incredibly soft and comfortable.

Wool is a natural fiber that traps air and helps to regulate body temperature.

The blankets are also durable and can last for many years.

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