The 10 Wealthiest Cities in New Jersey

New Jersey is a state of vibrant opportunity and prosperity. As home to over 9 million souls, it’s clear that some cities are more lucrative than others.

With its strong business landscape, successful industries, and growing urban centers, the success stories found in New Jersey truly embody the American dream. From finance moguls to tech startups, there’s plenty of room for everyone to make their mark here.

Those with the most financial success tend to congregate near major metropolitan areas along the coast or on Lake Michigan such as Bergen County or Newark alike – boasting not only higher incomes than other parts of New Jersey but also possessing lower unemployment rates and higher housing costs.

The median household income in New Jersey was reported at an impressive $85,245 just last year – nearly double from before the Great Recession in 2008.

This upward trend reflects both a strong economy overall as well as a healthy housing market recovery after said recession period.

Not only does this state present plenty of earning potential for ambitious folk but also offers them much-needed amenities like theatres and museums that can help bring enjoyment out of everyday life.

Richest Cities in New Jersey

1. Short Hills

aerial of suburb near englewood new jersey usa picture

Short Hills is a picturesque haven, often hailed as a dream come true for those seeking luxury and convenience.

With its close proximity to New York City – just a 43-minute drive – it has gained much popularity among families and retirees alike.

At a median home value of $1,772,330 or an average income of $250,001, the town offers luxurious dwellings with plenty of spacious homes available fo

r purchase or rent. It is home to 13,700 lucky people boasting an average age of 44 years old; just perfect for young families starting out in life together or the elderly who have come in search of tranquillity in their later years.

Short Hills stands apart from the rest; offering residents a chance to live their best lives with safety and prosperity guaranteed!

2. Mountain Lakes

high angle view of lighthouse and buildings against sky cape may new picture

Nestled away in Morris County, Mountain Lakes is a cozy borough that evokes a feeling of peace. Its crisp air and calming landscape are magnified by its 4,249 (2020) inhabitants.

Although it may be small in size, it’s bustling with life – boasting wonderful schools, friendly locals, and plenty of activities for young people.

On top of that, the median household income is an impressive $241,667 while the median home value stands at a noteworthy $867,200.

Already appealing enough as a destination to reside in peace or explore during holidays, being just a short drive from two major cities—New York and Philadelphia—makes this town irresistible!

3. Ho Ho Kus

lake elmore morristown picture id177216239?k=20&m=177216239&s=612x612&w=0&h=jetob1Nz1gXH9nn7BQryFlc4IjRF2F 7RgiL4kdENws=

Ho Ho Kus is a stunning town boasting plenty of luxuries for potential homeowners and families, making it an ideal place to settle down.

With its generous median household income ($230,682) and impressive median listing price ($916,553), one can’t help but feel overwhelmed when imagining the possibilities of such grandeur.

Moreover, seeking solace in the security of the town would reassure: crime rates are low and unemployment is lower than average (7.4%) providing peace of mind to those living there.

Not only that, but numerous restaurants, parks, and recreational activities call out to all ages inviting them to explore and enjoy life; conveniently located near major highways or use public transportation options easily accessible by all.

4. Rumson

aerial view of houses next to beach looking up the coast of nj picture

Rumson is a dreamy place to raise a family. From the beautiful homes designed by world-renowned architects to its easy access to pristine beaches and parks, Rumson encapsulates luxury and comfort like no other.

Its median household income of $222,237 and home value of $1,714,514 evidence the town’s opulence.

But beyond wealth, Rumson offers activities for kids—and adults—of all ages alike. And with close proximity to Long Branch and New York City, there’s never a shortage of something fun to do in this little slice of paradise.

Spread out over 6.5 miles along the Monmouth County coast with year-round coastal breezes; Rumson is much more than just another wealthy community.

5. Essex Fells

new jersey neighborhood picture id171277997?k=20&m=171277997&s=612x612&w=0&h=O42nq2TEvQzvh8cTLnKNAsBdoEwBjN TLEOmS5a0MNQ=

Brimming with small-town charm, Essex Fells provides the perfect combination of suburban luxuries and city life.

With a median household income of $215,104 and a home value of $1,164,898, it’s one of the wealthiest towns in New Jersey.

Its location makes it easy to access the world-famous attractions and activities Manhattan offers without disrupting a peaceful family lifestyle.

The schools are top-notch making it an ideal spot to raise children while still having the chance to take advantage of nearby employment opportunities.

Living in Essex Fells is like having a slice of paradise right outside your door – close enough to enjoy all that NYC has to offer but far enough away to maintain privacy and tranquility.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by chaotic urban living conditions you can find solace here amongst vibrant community members who share many cherished memories together.

6. Glen Ridge

aerial view of rows of identical houses picture

This small community of 7,547 residents provides its locals with high-quality schools and low crime rates.

Plus, there are numerous family-run businesses, professional practices, and restaurants scattered around – you never have to travel far for what you need!

On summer Wednesday mornings, the quaint farmer’s market sets up in Memorial Park; it really brings everyone together as they explore the fresh produce available while enjoying conversations and laughs with their neighbors.

Whether it be raising children or starting anew, Glen Ridge is truly a remarkable place to experience life!

7. Little Silver

aerial view of the houses in the suburban areas in sayerville new picture

Residents of Little Silver enjoy an affluent and close-knit community, with a median household income of $202,875 and a median home value of $839,000.

The town is known for its friendly atmosphere and picture-perfect scene along the Shrewsbury River.

No matter if you are looking for waterfront property or simply want to take in the beauty, Little Silver has something to offer everyone.

Money Magazine even recognizes Little Silver as one of the best places to live in America!

The schools within the area are highly rated with lots of extracurricular activities for children, plus various services if growing your family is desired.

The restaurants and shops near Little Silver provide a perfect way to spend your leisure time away from work or school.

All in all, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to this beautiful small town–and why they feel so happy and at home when they move here.

8. Chatham

aerial views of new jersey suburb picture id1333711366?k=20&m=1333711366&s=612x612&w=0&h=YnhuOPSNgT6sAzxdeq RyMfVuZFkJSXA3RZyuM3 YiU=

Chatham is a truly dreamlike place to raise a family. Its median household income of $201,923 and its home value of $1,061,316 makes it one of the wealthiest towns in New Jersey!

Everything is perfectly tailored to help nurture their children into blossoming young adults, with excellent schools providing every necessary resource for them to reach their full potential.

There’s no shortage of extracurricular activities either – sports teams and music programs abound as well as countless clubs and organizations.

The outdoor activities are just as plentiful too – from parks with playgrounds and walking trails to swimming or fishing spots during summertime or ice skating arenas when winter comes around.

And with all the shopping centers lying within town limits, you can get whatever you need without having ever left Chatham – making it all the more perfect for settling down!

9. Montgomery

roof tops picture

Montgomery is an affluent town situated in Somerset County, New Jersey with an inviting median household income of $200,150 and an average home value of $767,500.

From big city transplants to families seeking an idyllic lifestyle – this charming small town ensnares them all offering its unique blend of modernity and tradition with its population of just under 23,128 people!

Its streets are bedecked with towering oak trees accentuated by blooming petals radiating awe-inspiring warmth &community spirit which provides a perfect backdrop for its Victorian homes.

Additionally, it houses plentiful parks like Black River Park with various hiking trails, picnic spots, and recreational activities ideal for families with kids of all ages – nothing short of an epiphany!

Its vicinity to New York City makes it a quintessential destination perfect for travelers looking to relax after enjoying the hustle & bustle of metropolitan life. Montgomery is definitely a town that inspires devotion and emotion in equal measure.

10. Fair Haven

This cozy Monmouth County town with its population of only 5,833 (2020) offers all the perks of life that you could hope for.

From single-family homes to condos, townhouses, and apartments, there’s something for everyone – even those on budgets looking for an affordable property.

Additionally, the local restaurants, stores, and parks create a delightful atmosphere that invigorates the soul and makes one eager to get out and explore.

It’s no wonder why so many families pick this breathtaking place as their home! The median home price of $1,097,923 exudes luxury and comfort while remaining practical.

With everything at your fingertips such as getting around town easily or spending quality time outdoors with friends and family during the summer months it’s hard not to fall in love with Fair Haven!

Richest Cities in New Jersey

  1. Short Hills
  2. Mountain Lakes
  3. Ho Ho Kus
  4. Rumson
  5. Essex Fells
  6. Glen Ridge
  7. Little Silver
  8. Chatham
  9. Montgomery
  10. Fair Haven

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