The 10 Rarest Apex Legend Badges Ever

The Team Work IV badge is the rarest Apex Legends badge and a true test of teamwork. Nicknamed the “10-10-10” badge, all teammates must earn ten kills each in a single game, defeating more than thirty enemies to achieve it. It’s the ultimate proof that your team can work together flawlessly, making it highly coveted among players.

Apex Legends is a battle royale video game that was released in 2019 and has been immensely popular since then.

It captures people’s attention with its thrilling matches, versatility, and customization options for players that keep them coming back for more!

One of the exciting features of Apex Legends is the badges; unique cosmetic items that players can display on their banners during pre-match sequences and in-game arenas.


There are around 370 different badges to unlock, each offering varying levels of difficulty.

Earning these badges completes challenges, which shows off your achievements to other players.

The developers constantly work to make sure all items like badges stay up to date so that they match the spirit of the game.

Most Rare Apex Legend Badges

10. Rapid Elimination

The Rapid Elimination Badge is a special award that only the best Apex Legends players can get.

It requires players to rack up kills quickly and survive long enough to earn them, while always staying alert and ready for anything.

To unlock the badge, they need to complete specific tasks with each character they use – like getting a certain number of eliminations within a certain amount of time, having an accurate aim and playing aggressively, searching for the fourth team member quickly, finding helpful gear in the game and being lucky all at once!

Getting this badge isn’t easy – it takes great skill and practice but if you put in the hard work it pays off!

9. Assassin IV

The Assassin badge is the most difficult of all four badges in Apex Legends.

It requires 100 kills, which can be a daunting task for most players who may only average five kills per round.

Even some of the top professional streamers don’t always reach ten kills per game, making it a true test for those seeking the badge.

The best way to obtain it is by diving into the fray, taking out your opponents, and not letting their comrades revive them before they can respawn.

8. Headshot Hotshot

In order to earn the prestigious Legend badge in gaming, players must be able to make at least five headshot kills, meaning they must take aim and hit a specific body part of their target even while the target is moving.

Mastering this skill takes time and practice, as some players may be shaken by the pressure or excitement of competing against others.

Many players simply try to shoot in the general direction of an opponent without taking proper aim and struggle to achieve this rare badge.

7. No Witnesses

The No Witnesses badge is an incredibly difficult challenge to complete in the gaming world.

Players must work together as a team and use their skills to the utmost of their abilities to have any chance of victory.

Each kill requires perfect accuracy, so enemies don’t have any opportunity to come back or start over again.

Even though it might be quite hard, gamers can rely on their friends and bring medical supplies like syringes and shields in order to acquire the badge.

The main thing is that everybody puts maximum effort into what they do and all members of the team understand thoroughly what they’re trying to achieve.

If people fail at communicating effectively with each other or lack unity among themselves, completing this task might become almost impossible.

6. Triple Triple

Getting the special badge can be a difficult task. To earn it, you must win a match by taking down three enemies from three different teams.

It’s not easy!

That’s why it’s important to have a team of your own with good communication skills. Otherwise, if you try to do this alone, you may find yourself in tricky situations.

For instance, your opponents could eliminate one of your mutual rivals before you have the chance to take them out yourself and decrease your chances of success.

Or, you might manage to defeat two squads but then find that the third only has two members so there are no more targets left for you.

5. Long Shot

Hitting an opponent from a faraway distance of 300 meters is not as easy as it sounds; it takes more than just skill.

To be successful at this task, a player needs to have tremendous precision and accuracy with their targets, as well as the ability to use sniper rifles really well.

This means that a player must get really good at making shots from all over the map before attempting this challenge.

It’s much harder for most players than they think!

A positive about getting this badge though is that you don’t have to kill your opponents- just knock them down!

4. Wrath IV

The Legend’s Wrath badge is Apex Legends’ most challenging reward to get. It requires incredible precision, skill, and luck in order to succeed.

To earn the privilege of having this badge, players must cause 4000 damage in one single game without dying or getting hit by any of their foes.

This task might seem simple, but many gamers have played Apex Legends for months without attaining this hard-to-get 2K badge, leading to their confidence waning and making it increasingly difficult to reach the Legend’s Wrath.

3. Wake

The Legend’s Wake is one of the most sought-after items in the Apex Ligend – it’s so hard to get that it’s earned its nickname, the 20-Kills badge.

Getting your hands on this badge means you had to fight off twenty opponents all by yourself – you weren’t able to share the load with any team members or friends like some other tasks.

This makes earning The Legend’s Wake quite a challenge, but when you do secure it, other players will know you’re no slouch and may be less likely to mess around with you in future games.

2. You’re Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator

Reaching the Apex Predator status in a ranked game mode is an impressive accomplishment, and is only achievable for the 750 players who manage to reach the highest rank in any given season.

It requires advanced skills, a keen understanding of the game, and the ability to collaborate effectively with teammates.

While some people may try to cheat or use outside help (called “boosting”), these shortcuts will not get you far.

There’s no substitute for developing your own gaming abilities if you want to achieve Apex Predator status!

1. Team. Work. IV

The Team Work IV badge is the crème de la crème of Apex Legends badges! Even though other badges get a lot of attention, it is still regarded as one of the rarest.

Players call it the 10-10-10 because it requires an entire team working together to achieve it – each teammate must get ten kills before the game is over.

To hit this massive goal, everyone has to be on top of their game and coordinate closely with one another in order to defeat more than thirty enemies during the match!

Earning this badge proves that your group can work exceptionally well together since success depends on skillful playing and serious teamwork.

No wonder people think it’s so awesome!

Rarest Badges in Apex Legends

  1. Rapid Elimination
  2. Assassin IV
  3. Headshot Hotshot
  4. No Witnesses
  5. Triple Triple
  6. Long Shot
  7. Wrath IV
  8. Wake
  9. You’re Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator
  10. Team. Work. IV

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