The 10 Most Expensive Vodka Brands in the World

The world of expensive vodkas is one that many people find intriguing. It’s a unique drink, so highly distilled that it almost has no taste – yet it can also have subtle flavors waiting to be discovered by the experienced taster.

bottle of vodka in distillery

Some are much tougher to get your hands on than others, but as long as you have the money, that doesn’t need to be a problem.

Unfortunately, since most vodka is lacking in flavor and character, it’s hard for some people to appreciate its quality – but when you look at the most expensive brands available, consistency is what makes them stand out.

In some cases these products are so exclusive that they don’t even appear on manufacturers’ websites – instead, you’ll find mention of them through news sites and press releases.

Most Expensive Vodka Brands

1. Billionaire Vodka

The luxurious Billionaire Vodka promises an unparalleled experience, with its extravagant price tag of about $3.75 million for just one bottle.

Every customer is guaranteed top-notch service, delivered privately and on demand at their desired time and place.

The taste of the vodka itself is made even more special with its process – natural spring water filtered through the ice, birch charcoal, and crushed diamonds to triple distillate it, guaranteeing only the finest quality ingredients are used in this opulent concoction.

With Billionaire Vodka at your fingertips, every sip will be a distinct blend of indulgence and splendor!

2. Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle

The Pinstripe Black Bottle from Absolut Vodka is an expensive item, costing $10,000 per bottle. It’s one of their most luxurious offerings only ten were made.

Though I didn’t get to try this one in person, I did attend a party with the more common regular bottles which cost around $1500 each and are not easy to find.

Just thinking about the expense of such a luxury item invokes respect and wonderment in me.

Even though money was the focus here today, it would be wrong to leave out this outstanding drink as part of my experience.

3. The Eye of the Dragon

Witnessing the Eye of the Dragon up close was an experience that left me in total awe. Its rarity, the estimated value of $5.5 million, and intricate design made it a sight to behold.

The magnificent bottle had two kilograms of gold and over 15,000 diamonds meticulously arranged making it a work of art with intricate details.

As I gazed upon its beauty my heart raced with excitement as I wished for the chance to taste its contents but alas this was not something that would be possible due to its unavailability and lack of accessibility from ordinary people like myself.

Even though I wasn’t able to savor whatever may have been inside, I still highly recommend taking a look at this illustrious bottle if one ever has the opportunity as photos simply do not do it justice!

4. Belvedere Vodka’s Belver Bears

With its intricate designs and shiny details, this bottle gave a sense of luxury unlike any other.

I couldn’t resist trying just a tiny sip of what was inside, and wow! The taste was smooth yet bold; it barely had any burn compared to other vodka drinks!

After carefully researching how much they cost (around $7200), which surely wasn’t in my budget at 18 years old, my heart sank.

But after some careful talking with the bartender, he kindly handed me a new (filled with water) Belvedere bottle for my collection – a dream come true!

The joy that came with holding this special piece of alcoholic art still lingers within me, even if I don’t have access to enjoy the real drink.

5. DIVA Premium Vodka

DIVA offers something truly luxurious and unparalleled – a $1M bottle of premium vodka which includes a gem-encrusted bracelet to give you that added touch of sparkle.

But don’t worry if your budget won’t stretch, they also offer an affordable alternative at just $150 per bottle.

The unique sand filtration process using diamonds and gems is why the price is so high – it’s more about the glitz than any actual need.

Buying DIVA vodka isn’t just buying alcohol, it’s indulging in something extraordinary and spectacular!

6. OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka

The luxurious appearance of Swarovski crystals adorning OVAL’s crystal vodka bottle is unignorable.

At a whopping price tag of $6922, the 7 thousand embedded crystals sparkle and shine like little diamonds, offering far more glamour than the drink within.

To capture this energy factor, however, one needs a specialized light display that captures the real splendor of these jewels – an effect rather unpersuasive without its illumination.

After all, the presentation does make all the difference for a truly pleasurable drink experience!

7. Russo-Baltique Vodka (Old)

The pinnacle of Russian craftsmanship, Russo-Balt is renowned for its legendary engines.

But it’s also made a name in the world of luxury spirits, with two bottles that are touted as some of the most expensive ever produced.

Retailing at an incredible $740,000 and housed in a twenty-pound gold case designed to resemble the classic automobiles they create, only ten bottles were ever released!

This liquid gold certainly deserves its place on our list – though I haven’t had the pleasure (yet!) of sampling such a rare treat myself, I can only imagine what kind of delight awaits those lucky enough to afford it.

8. Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition

Kors Vodka’s 24k George V bottles are something special, with each bottle being a unique work of art crafted through a lengthy process—an incredible 170 hours of distillation; cheaper vodkas normally take significantly less.

Every purchase comes with an exclusive handmade walnut chest, adding to the luxurious feel, and for those looking for added glamor gold flakes can be added by request.

Despite the hefty price tag of $24,500 apiece, these 250 bottles can be just barely considered within reach – and with such intricate production and design, every sip is sure to make you feel like royalty!

9. Russo-Baltique Vodka (New)

The newly launched Russo-Balt bottle is a real showstopper – it’s an extravagant extravagance that is sold for over one million dollars.

I can’t help but feel intrigued, delighted, and in awe by the sheer luxuriousness of this vodka!

It comes in a unique bottle, handcrafted with gold coins dating back to 1908 to 1912; simply fascinating!

Even more remarkable is that it is purportedly bulletproof, although I hope no one will dare attempt to test its fortitude.

Altogether, this bottle of vodka has definitely won my heart.

10. Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka

I’m a huge fan of the Ladoga Group’s Super Premium Vodka – it’s definitely my favorite on this list!

Not just because its cases styled after the iconic Faberge Eggs are fairly affordable, at around $2000 each, but because they look great as display pieces.

You’d be hard-pressed to find something else that comes even close to the level of fine detail in these bottles for anywhere near the same price point.

Even if you don’t plan on drinking it, there’s nothing quite like owning such an exquisite and unique piece of art that serves as a reminder of your good taste.

11. Alize Swarovski Studded Vodka

On Valentine’s Day, Alize has a special something to share; they’ve got crystal bottles that sparkle and shine!

Covering them from top to bottom, no detail is left behind.

From the moment it’s opened that awe-inspiring feeling will surely fill the air – this bottle would make a lovely surprise for someone you love and care about.

Gifted with a rich dark red hue, these bottles glimmer beautifully.

The way it catches the light will capture everyone’s hearts delightfully.

At two thousand dollars each it may be steep but trust us when we say what you get in return is much more than meets the eye!

12. Iordanov Vodka Decadence Version

Iordanov Vodka isn’t widely available to English buyers, but they offer something truly spectacular with their striking $4117 bottle.

Its glimmering exterior features the company name and an array of luxurious Swarovski crystals, creating an atmosphere of opulence that befittingly complements the exquisite vodka inside.

Each flavor is presented in its own distinctive color, making this a desirable choice for those looking for vodka with bold flavor.

Most Expensive Vodka

  1. Billionaire Vodka
  2. Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle
  3. The Eye of the Dragon
  4. Belvedere Vodka’s Belver Bears
  5. DIVA Premium Vodka
  6. OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka
  7. Russo-Baltique Vodka (Old)
  8. Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition
  9. Russo-Baltique Vodka (New)
  10. Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka
  11. Alize Swarovski Studded Vodka
  12. Iordanov Vodka Decadence Version

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