The 8 Most Expensive Surfboards in the World

Are you wondering just how much big-wave board riders, pro surfers, and famous Hollywood stars are willing to pay for the perfect wave?  Get ready to be blown away by some of the world’s most expensive surfboards!

For any surfer, getting the perfect board is essential to their performance and can make or break their experience. But for some, money is no object when it comes to luxury surfboards.

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From unique wooden art to Hollywood props, here we explore seven of the world’s most expensive surfboards that will blow your mind! Whether you want to show off your wealth on the waves or simply enjoy the artistry behind these boards, they are sure to leave a lasting impression.

From designer Marc Newson’s iconic nickel-plated surfboard costing over $200,000 to a classic wooden “toothpick” used in one of James Bond’s films worth $75K – this list has something for everyone!

So if you’re looking for an ultra-luxury ride be prepared to part ways with plenty of cash and join us as we dive into why these boards are so pricey.

Most Expensive Surfboards

1. The Rampant Surfboard

The Rampant is an exceptional surfboard designed by Roy Stuart, a master craftsman based in New Zealand. Constructed entirely from Paulownia wood, this state-of-the-art board stands 10 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 31 pounds.

It features a long concave stretch that runs down to its tail, designed to lower the rider’s center of gravity while providing stability and responsiveness while riding. What sets this board apart is its stunning 23-karat gold lion drawn in semi-translucent red epoxy resin on the upper surface.

This exquisite design accentuates the foam thickness (2.38 inches) and adds to The Rampant’s extreme desirability.

To enhance performance even further, Stuart has taken inspiration from his two earlier models – The Baron and The Agile Hotkurl – incorporating a 6-inch tunnel fin made of kahikatea wood (which can only be found in New Zealand) with a high rate of acceleration as well as a scalloped edge wood tunnel fin and twin laminar flow foil for increased speed without sacrificing comfort during the ride.

2. John Kelly Redwood Plank

In 2011, the Hawaiian Island Vintage Surfboard Auction (HIVSA), the world’s most prestigious event of its kind, reached unprecedented heights – one John Kelly-owned redwood plank sold for a staggering $42,000.

This was a record high for the HIVSA and that surfboard had a story behind it; created by Kelly himself in 1920, the classic model known as the “Hot Curl” revolutionized the shape of modern surfboard design.

In perfect condition after being stored in Kelly’s family home at Hawaii’s Diamond Head over 70 years ago, this board went on to become one of Hawaii’s most expensive items ever auctioned off – commanding an incredible price tag that remains unbeaten today.

3. Duke’s Handmade Australian Shooter Surfboard

The surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku received an extremely generous gift from the Sydney-based timber trader George Hudson.

The gift was a carefully carved piece of sugar pine, measuring at 9 feet by 2 feet by 3 inches.

With this material, Duke created his iconic board – the 8’8″ church window-shaped Handmade Australian Shooter.

This masterpiece is now housed in a glass display in the Heritage Room of Freshwater Surf Life and to date has not been purchased.

Its true beauty stands undisturbed as if it were a priceless work of art that could never be bought or sold.

4. Greg Noll’s Iconic Pipe Gun Surfboard

The iconic image of legendary Hawaiian big wave surfer, shaper, and pioneer Greg Noll standing with a surfboard at Pipeline by Jon Severson is undoubtedly one of the most significant images in surfing history.

What’s more, the surfboard featured in the photo has never been sold to this day and is still housed safely in Jed Noll’s office at San Clemente-based Noll Surfboards – making it one of a kind.

When asked about the potential value of such an irreplaceable piece, Jed exclaimed that he’d heard his dad had once been offered $50,000 for it though he was hesitant to let it go due to its sentimental value. S

o far, no official offers have been presented but whatever number it takes surely won’t come close to being able to replace its worth within surfing culture as well as within the hearts of all who appreciate it.

5. Captain Kilgore’s Surfboard

James O’Mahoney, a surfing memorabilia collector from Santa Barbara, made an astonishing offer at the Pacific Coast Vintage Surf Auction.

He was putting up for sale one of the original Reynolds Yater surfboards used in the legendary 1979 film Apocalypse Now – and hoping to fetch a record-breaking $100,000 for his prized item.

Despite not being sold during the auction, however, the board eventually found itself with a new owner: musician Jimmy Buffet.

The two went on to establish their own Honolulu Surf Museum together and it was there that this iconic piece of cinematic history resided until 2014 when they were forced to close its doors due to financial strain.

6. Marc Newson’s Nickel-Plated Surfboard

Renowned Australian artist Marc Newson, and Hawaiian master craftsman Dick Brewer, collaborated to create ten one-of-a-kind surfboards of remarkable stature.

Each board bristled with 10 kilos of nickel plating, adding a gleaming sheen to the surface and making them each about five feet in height.

The boards were made using the same material that is regularly used on the fronts of helicopter blades for unparalleled protection from wear and tear.

Such intricate craftsmanship and expensive materials came at a premium price, each board selling for an exclusive sum.

It is rumored that world-renowned wave surfer Garrett McNamara was lucky enough to purchase one for himself as these sought-after items have since become highly collectible.

7. Redwood’s Plank Surfboard

The 2011 Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction was home to some of the greatest and most sought-after surfboards in history.

Attendees had the chance to bid on one truly remarkable item; 1920 9’09’0 Redwood’s Plank, commonly known as the ‘hot curl.’

This incredible surfboard is believed to have changed the shape of surfing forever, and it has remained in the same family for 73 years since its first ride. Such iconic boards are hard to come by and even more difficult to acquire because of their rarity.

With an auction record price tag, this board still holds its place as one of the world’s most prestigious vintage surfboards – proving that it is worth much more than just its monetary value.

The lucky buyer not only gained possession of such a special artifact but also all that comes with it; including its unique importance in both surfing culture as well as Hawaiian history.

8. Damien Hirst’s SAS Surfboard

More than 10 years ago, two surfboards designed and painted by renowned UK artist Damien Hirst were sold at an auction for an eye-opening total of $88,000.

Hirst, who is also an avid surfer on the North Devon coast of England, had personally crafted 11 surfboards in order to help raise funds for the charity endeavor Surfers Against Sewage (SAS).

Since then, these works of art have not been offered up for sale again; yet if they have appreciated in line with his other pieces of artwork, their owners can now attribute a considerable increase in value to this alternative investment.

To illustrate this point further: In 2007, the much-admired “For the Love of God” – a platinum skull set with diamonds – was initially valued at $20 million before later being sold for a record-breaking amount of $74 million that same year.

List of the 10 Most Expensive Surfboards

  1. The Rampant Surfboard
  2. Duke’s Handmade Australian Shooter Surfboard
  3. Greg Noll’s Iconic Pipe Gun Surfboard
  4. Marc Newson’s Nickel-Plated Surfboard
  5. Redwood’s Plank Surfboard
  6. Damien Hirst’s SAS Surfboard
  7. Captain Kilgore’s Surfboard

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