The 10 Most Expensive Currencies in the World

Do you ever find yourself wondering which currency is the strongest in the world? With over 180 officially recognized currencies across nations and territories, it can be difficult to determine which holds the most value.

To make things easier, this article will explore the 16 economic powerhouses that are widely used today – from their purchasing power to their exchange rate versus the US dollar.

By comparing them to a fixed base currency such as the American dollar, we’ll reveal which holds the highest value in 2021 for Forex trading.

So whether you’re investing your funds or just curious about global currency trends, read on to discover who’s reigning supreme when it comes to monetary might!

Most Expensive Currency

1. Kuwaiti Dinar

a one dinar kuwait bank note

The Kuwaiti dinar, also known as KWD, is the official currency of the State of Kuwait.

In 2021, it was crowned the world’s most valuable currency – a position it maintains today.

As of December 2021, one Kuwaiti dinar stands firm against $3.30 US dollars.

This impressive financial standing is a result of the KWD holding its value between December 2016 and December 2021; trading at prices ranging from $3.17 up to $3.33 USD.

Currently exchanging at more than double that of the US dollar, British pound, and Euro, demand for this Gulf money remains quite high – making its worth indisputable.

Due to its remarkable stability compared to other Middle Eastern currencies, One KWD stands tall amongst contenders at 766.83Rs against 1 Pakistani Rupee – making it officially the world’s most expensive currency today.

2. Bahraini Dinar

arab money on the sand

The Bahraini dinar (BHD) is one of the world’s most powerful and valuable currencies, second only to the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD).

This impressive currency is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 1 BHD = 2.659 USD, making it one of the world’s highest-valued currencies.

Its value is maintained through its strong economy where oil and gas exports are major players.

Additionally, since 1980, it has been pegged to the IMF’s special drawing rights which helps to maintain its value over time.

The BHD consists of both banknotes with denominations of 0.5, 1, 5, 10, and 20 dinars as well as coins with values of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 fils.

It is thus made up of 1 000 fils and exchanging or trading in this currency will see you get $2.65 for every Bahraini Dinar.

3. Omani Rial

The Omani rial (ISO OMR code) is the official currency of the Sultanate of Oman and is divided into 1,000 baisas.

It has been used since 1973 when it replaced the Indian rupee as the main form of payment in Oman and was issued by the Central Bank of Oman beginning in 1977.

The rial has maintained a substantial value against the US dollar since 1986 with 1 Omani rial = US$2.6008, making it one of the five strongest currencies in circulation globally today.

This makes it one of the most expensive currencies worldwide and one of the four most overvalued currencies alongside the Kuwaiti dinar, Bahraini dinar, and the former Maltese lira.

4. Jordanian Dinar

The Jordanian dinar is one of the most powerful currencies in the world, currently ranking fourth in value after the Kuwaiti dinar, the Bahraini dinar, and the Omani rial.  It has been pegged to the US dollar since 1995 at an exchange rate of 1.41 per 1 USD.

Although Jordan does not have any natural resources such as oil that could explain its strong currency, it does benefit from a stable banking sector and attractive deposits as well as its high standard of living and strategic location which generate confidence in its currency.

The Jordanian dinar is also widely used and accepted by businesses in Palestine’s West Bank alongside their own Israeli shekel currency, a reminder of how it replaced the Palestinian pound when Jordan annexed this region in 1950.

5. Gibraltar Pound

The Gibraltar Pound (GIP) is the official currency of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. It was first established in 1934 when it was introduced under the terms of the government’s Currency Note Act to serve as an alternative to the British pound.

One GIP is equal in value to one British pound sterling and this fixed exchange rate has been maintained since then. In addition, a single GIP currently exchanges for 1.20 US dollars, meaning it ranks among some of the most expensive currencies on earth.

Not only does its value remain closely tied to that of its “parent” currency, but its recognition is usually specified solely within Gibraltar itself; The Gibraltar pound can rarely be used in other countries except for certain cross-border trade operations with England.

However, due to its luxuriousness and exclusivity, many investors find great potential in owning or trading these coins as they are increasingly hard to come by.

6. British Pound

The British Pound Sterling (GBP) is an impressive global currency and the sixth of the world’s most valuable. It accounts for roughly 12.8% of all foreign exchange trades daily in 2021, making it the fourth-most traded currency.

Despite its higher nominal value than that of the US Dollar (USD), the Pound lags behind in terms of actual strength due to the USD’s status as both the world’s most widely-traded currency and a reserve currency.

Nevertheless, GBP has maintained its economic standing through historical periods when it was worth more than one US Dollar – though this value has diminished over time.

As of February 2023, one British Pound is estimated to be equivalent to 1.24 US dollars, making this iconic European money remain a viable alternative for international trade.

Cayman Island Dollar

The Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD) is the official currency of the Cayman Islands, a small nation located in the Caribbean sea. Initially introduced in 1972 as an offshoot of the Jamaican dollar, which is essentially a half-pound sterling, it has since become one of the most highly-valued currencies in the world.

The KYD is pegged to its American counterpart with 1 KYD equal to 1.20 US Dollars. The KYD comes in denominations of paper bills ranging from 1 to 100 dollars and coins worth up to 50 cents.

These notes and coins are widely accepted as legal tender throughout hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments at a rate of 80 Cayman cents per US Dollar.

This makes it easier for tourists traveling to these islands a lot easier when looking to make payments on their holiday.

Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc (CHF) is renowned among the global economy as a reliable, steady currency, and it has earned a name for itself as a safe haven in times of financial uncertainty.

This is largely due to its stability; throughout 2020, it reached an all-time high exchange rate of 1 Swiss franc equaling $1.11 U.S. dollars, making this major currency one of the strongest around the world today.

Even though other countries have been experiencing tumultuous economic conditions over recent years, the strength of the Swiss franc has remained solid – clearly visible when in November 2021 it increased to 1.0426 against the euro – its highest level since July 2015 – due to low inflation rates within Switzerland and the drop in value of euro.

This makes evident not only how strong and reliable the Swiss franc is compared to other currencies[3] but also how economically advantageous reserving your money in this powerful currency can be.


The Euro has been a consistently strong currency over the past year and is currently the world’s ninth most valuable currency in comparison to the US Dollar.

As of May 2022, one Euro (EUR) was worth about 1.07 USD, making its value larger than that of the American Dollar.

However, as of July 2022, this exchange rate shifted slightly and now every 1 Euro is equal to only 1.01 US Dollars – symbolizing that the latter is growing in strength and catching up to its European counterpart.

United States Dollar

The tenth most expensive currency in the world is the USD, it is widely regarded as one of the most powerful currencies in the world.

This is largely due to its global acceptance and stability, which gives it more purchasing power compared to other currencies.

The USD has been a reliable store of value for decades and is one of the most widely traded currencies in the world, so much so that it is often referred to as “the dollar”.

Most Valuable Currencies In The World

  1. Kuwaiti Dinar
  2. Bahraini Dinar
  3. Omani Rial
  4. Jordanian Dinar
  5. Gibraltar Pound
  6. British Pound
  7. Cayman Island Dollar
  8. Swiss Franc
  9. Euro
  10. United States Dollar

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