The 10 Most Expensive Canoes Money Can Buy

Canoeing has become more and more popular in recent years, as people realize the joys of paddling through tranquil waters. But some canoes come with a steep price tag – we’re talking thousands of dollars!

If you have money to burn and want to invest in the best canoe money can buy, our article is perfect for you – because today we’ll be discussing the most expensive canoes on the market.

Get ready to explore a world of luxury paddling!

Most Expensive Canoes

1. Old Town Saranac 160

The Saranac 160 offers an enjoyable and versatile canoe experience no matter the party size.

Whether paddling with a companion or in a larger group, this craft can easily accommodate two to three adults with its comfortable curved seats featuring integrated backrests for superior comfort.

Anglers will appreciate the boat’s additional storage under the centre bench seat, as well as its two built-in rod holders for extended trips out on the water.

Dog owners will love its open-top design which allows quick and easy entry for their furry friends.

The canoe also comes equipped with conveniently moulded bow and stern decks, two high-end paddles, and side storage racks to store all your gear during your adventure.

With its single-layer thermoformed polyethene construction, you can trust that your Saranac 160 will remain highly durable and provide an excellent balance of rocker support while tracking correctly through any conditions you may encounter along your journey.

2. Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Canoe

The Old Town Find 119 Canoe is the perfect choice for solo adventurers looking to explore and experience the great outdoors.

This 11-foot-long canoe is made from lightweight materials, allowing you to transport it from home to your desired destination with ease.

Not only is this canoe remarkably easy to carry, but it also has enough space for all your essential camping and fishing gear.

With its generous amount of storage capacity, envision a relaxing fishing trip in the middle of a lake as the sun warms your skin – or explore a river at night beneath a sky filled with stars.

Plus, its length, shape and material make navigating both land and water incredibly simple, letting you take full advantage of any natural terrain.

3. Sevylor Ogden 2-Person Canoe


The Sevylor Ogden Canoe is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a durable and reliable inflatable canoe.

This vessel features strong, high-quality PVC construction that won’t leak or break under the pressure of a canine’s grip.

The multiple air chambers provide extra buoyancy and stability, so you can rest assured that the craft will stay afloat if one chamber should puncture.

For added convenience and versatility, the two included chairs are also inflatable, making it possible to adjust their height and position according to your needs.

This lightweight boat makes transport and storage easy by folding up into minimal space when not in use.

Plus, with its capacity for two adults, it’s perfect for recreational canoeing trips with your closest friends or family members!

With its impressive durability, excellent portability and comfortable seating design, the Sevylor Ogden Canoe offer both novice and experienced paddlers a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

4. MYCANOE Origami Folding Canoe

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The MyCanoe Origami Canoe is a truly unique product, combining modern design and engineering with the traditional canoe.

Its revolutionary origami folding mechanism allows the canoe to be quickly and easily folded up, making it perfect for transportation to remote locations.

In just minutes, you can have your canoe unfurled and floating steadily on any body of water.

Its lightweight inflatable design makes it small enough to fit in most vehicle trunks when folded, yet expands to 14 feet with two seats when opened, allowing it to accommodate up to three adults or two adults and two children.

Incredibly durable, this canoe has been proven to work 20,000 times without breaking down as well as continue functioning after 54 years of daily usage – really something special!

5. Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Canoe

The Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Canoe is a spacious and lengthy canoe perfect for family outings.

At over 15 feet in length and weighing 100 pounds, this canoe easily accommodates more than just the average family of four, as some people have even said it is too long.

Outfitted with covered and open storage space, plus a cooler and snack holder – kids need not go hungry while on their next paddling adventure!

Additionally, it’s surprisingly lightweight given its size, making transportation less of an issue when travelling further distances.

Many find that the cost-to-value ratio of this boat makes it one of the top-rated canoes out there.

Just remember to stay clear of shallow waters, as such a large vessel requires plenty of room to manoeuvre through tight spaces.

6. Old Town Sport 15 Recreational Canoe

This canoe is a two-seater boat rated to hold up to 1,100 pounds, potentially allowing for three or four people if chairs or bodies are placed on the floor.

With plenty of room and buoyancy for freight, this canoe is perfect for wilderness camping excursions and fishing trips where you can easily transport your supplies with you.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended camping trip, this Old Town Boat will serve as your very own vessel during your outdoor journey.

With its ample storage capabilities, you can conveniently keep all of your belongings safe and dry while also bringing along lunch for when you feel hungry.

Imagine having the exciting opportunity to camp near a lake and then take off in your canoe to grab some fish for lunch – now that’s life!

7. Grumman River Canoe

The Grumman River Canoe is a sight to behold. Boasting exquisite design and vintage-inspired aesthetics, this boat’s sleek aluminium body comes in many vibrant hues.

It’s an ideal solo canoe for one adventurous traveller or can accommodate two passengers with ease.

This sturdy craft is light enough to be carried by its owner and strong enough to navigate any kind of water.

Its high cost of entry isn’t prohibitive: you’ll get the use out of this boat’s performance and durability for many years to come.

8. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery Sport Canoe

The Discovery Sport Canoe is a perfect choice for those looking for an adventure on the water.

Featuring a square hull, the canoe allows for easy engine attachment and can be paddled or motorized for extended journeys.

With its lightweight design at just 118 pounds, this craft has enough capacity to hold up to 850 pounds of people and cargo, making it both comfortable and safe for up to four passengers (depending on weight).

The canoe also features two comfy seats with moulded cup holders so each passenger can keep their beverage secure while underway.

For added convenience, there’s even a storage hatch where items can be stowed away from the elements.

To take things up a notch further, the Discovery Sport comes complete with a bench seat that doubles as a cooler – so you can relax and enjoy your snacks in style!

9. Old Modern Handicrafts Real Canoe

The craftsmanship of this masterpiece is truly something to behold, and if you decide to purchase it, your friends will be sure to envy you.

Despite its hefty appearance, the canoe actually relies on a blend of age-old techniques combined with modern materials like redwood and fibreglass.

This gives the canoe exceptional durability while navigating rocky waters or other aquatic obstacles.

Although this particular model happens to be one of the more costly canoes out there, it is most certainly worth every penny due to its amazing finishing touches and beautiful design that makes it look like a true work of art.

Perfect for couples or solo adventurers looking for an unforgettable experience on any lake or river, Handicrafts Real Canoe is both incredibly strong as well as eye-catching – making it an absolute must-have for anyone interested in canoeing.

10. Mad River Adventure 16 Square Stern Canoe

The Square Stern Canoe is the perfect vessel for two people who want to spend a day out on the lake.

Boasting two comfortable, cushioned seats with backrests and adjustable arms, it allows you to travel in luxury while retaining unmatched stability – so there’s no worry of capsizing even with two people moving about.

Roomy enough to easily store food, water and other camping items, this canoe offers a safe place for fishing or just taking in the tranquil scenery around you.

Its square stern shape allows for maximum control during navigation and its lightweight build means that paddlers don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to stay afloat.

Most Expensive Canoes

  1. Old Town Saranac 160
  2. Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Canoe
  3. Sevylor Ogden 2-Person Canoe
  4. MYCANOE Origami Folding Canoe
  5. Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Canoe
  6. Old Town Sport 15 Recreational Canoe
  7. Grumman River Canoe
  8. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery Sport Canoe
  9. Old Modern Handicrafts Real Canoe
  10. Mad River Adventure 16 Square Stern Canoe

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