The 12 Most Expensive Calculators in the World

If you are looking for a good calculator, you might be interested in a list of the most expensive ones available.

Some of them are sold for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nobody wants to be bad at math, but it’s inevitable. There are lots of problems that require a calculator.

By using a calculator for simple arithmetic, you can save time and frustration.

Finding the best math calculator can help you solve problems faster, with fewer mistakes and it can be more helpful than pen and paper.

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Calculators have become one of the most important inventions of all time.

After all, it’s easier to carry around a small device that can do the math for you, than having to learn to do it yourself.

They’re used in schools, in offices and sometimes even at home.

There are calculators designed for more simple math operations, while others can be used for more complicated tasks.

Some come with features such as date/time, conversion rates, and even games integrated into them.

The price might rarely pass the budget of someone who is looking to buy a calculator for simple tasks like counting taxes or checking the value of a loan.

But if you’re interested in something more sophisticated and high-tech, then you should probably have an open wallet.

Here are some of the most expensive calculators ever made.

12. Victor 1460-3 – $294

The Victor 1460-3 was a 10-digit, non-printing, battery, and solar-powered pocket calculator.

It used a hybrid of liquid crystal display (LCD) and light-emitting diode (LED) technologies, with the latter being used for the decimal point character and the “add mode” indicator.

The Victor 1460-3 was of similar appearance to numerous other calculators produced by other manufacturers in the early 1970s.

The Victor 1460-3 featured automatic constant calculation for multiplication and division, with two memory registers.

An add mode switch allowed the calculator to operate in either standard or adding machine modes.

A three-position decimal point switch provided floating decimal points and fixed decimal settings at 0, 1, or 2 digits.

The Victor 1460-3 had a four-function arithmetic logic, with 8 digit precision and square root keys.

11. Texas Instruments TI-86 – $299

The Texas Instruments TI-86 is one of the best calculators for High School and College students and professors.

This is because it has a lot of functions that are useful for different types of classes.

It can do many different types of math, from basic algebra to calculus, and can do more advanced math like statistics and complex numbers.

This is also very handy for testing because it can keep track of answers and show them when you want to check your work. You can use it in class, but this calculator is not allowed on the SAT or ACT.

The Texas Instruments TI-86 will cost you around $299, so you should think about if this calculator is worth the cost or not.

10. HP 19BII Financial Calculator – $299

The HP 19BII is a great calculator. It is fast, reliable, and powerful. I have used mine for years and aside from replacing the batteries twice, it has never let me down.

You can use this calculator for math problems (up to 10 digits) or any financial calculations you need to perform.

The best thing about the 19BII is that you do not have to memorize any functions or programming code to use it.

You just enter the numbers you want to be calculated (or ask it a question like “what is my monthly payment on a $100,000 loan at 6% interest rate over 30 years?”) and the calculator will give you an answer in less than a second.

If you are not sure how to calculate something, just try entering your problem into the calculator and see what results in it gives you.

Nine times out of ten, you will get an answer very quickly. If you cannot figure something out there are help menus on the calculator that will guide you through any problems step by step.

This calculator comes with a manual that explains every function that the 19BII is capable of performing.

There are some advanced features like solving equations and using logarithms so be prepared for some math if you choose to explore those options.

9. SUQIAOQIAO New Graphing LED Calculator – $340

The SUQIAOQIAO New Graphing LED Calculator is one of the best and most expensive calculators we tested, and we’re confident it will satisfy the needs of most students.

It’s inexpensive, but far from a cheap calculator.

It’s a graphing calculator with all of the functions you need and none of the ones you don’t.

It comes with a solid user manual that teaches you how to use the calculator and explains many common errors.

It has an easy-to-read screen that is dimmable to three different brightness settings, which can be more comfortable for your eyes during long calculations.

It can store up to 10 different graphs in memory and has an easy-to-follow history tape that shows all of your calculations as you type them.

This model also comes with a protective cover that doubles as a stand for the calculator.

8. Hewlett Packard 41CV calculator – $449

The HP 41CV is one of the most advanced calculators in existence. The HP 41C was introduced in 1979 and was discontinued in 1990.

It has been followed by the HP 41CX, which is similar but adds several features.

It was also one of the first machines to have an optional thermal printer, as well as RAM and ROM memory modules that were plugged into its expansion slots.

The standard 4K RAM pack allowed programs to be stored on the calculator.

The standard 8K ROM pack contained over 80 built-in functions and commands, including financial functions, statistics, trigonometry, scientific functions, programming, and many others.

It can solve problems that are beyond the capability of many pocket calculators (for example, algebraic equations).

This manual describes how to use the calculator to solve math and engineering problems.

7. HP 32Sii Scientific Calculator – $700

The HP 32Sii is one of the best and most expensive scientific calculators on the market.

It’s the perfect tool for students and professionals, and it’s also great for teachers.

The HP 32Sii has a ton of features that make it easy to do math, science, and engineering calculations.

The interface is simple and intuitive, so you can get started right away.

The HP 32Sii has a wide range of functions, including basic arithmetic, algebraic equations, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, and more.

The HP 32Sii uses Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). RPN is not suitable for beginners.

This calculator has four memory registers (X, Y, Z, and T) and one storage register called LAST X.

The LAST X register holds the last number that you entered into the calculator.

This calculator is programmable. It can store up to 400 steps of programming space.

But it does not offer conditional branching or looping control flow commands.

6. Canon numeric keypad calculator X Mark I KRF White – $799

The Canon numeric keypad calculator X Mark I KRF White is one of the best calculators.

It is made in Japan and has a high quality, it is also multifunctional and can be used in any place.

The Canon X Mark I KRF White 12-Digit Calculator is ready to help you with your financial calculations.

This Canon numeric keypad calculator features a large, easy-to-read display and functions that make it easy to solve complex problems.

This Canon X Mark I KRF also has a two-way power supply, so you’ll never have to worry about it running out of batteries.

Whether you’re a student or a professional in the field of mathematics or accounting, this calculator will make your life easier.

5. SUQIAOQIAO New 100% Calculator – $919

This eye-catching device is more than just a calculator. You can not only perform complete general calculation functions, but also financial equations.

The graphics of the large LED display are fantastic for their vibrancy, just like a digital screen.

It has numeric and alphabetic keypads, as well as navigation pads, which allow you to easily perform statistical math with 1 and 2 variables.

You can also calculate the three angle modes, degrees, and grads, as well as engineering notation modes, 2-D operation, parameter mapping, and a variety of other functions.

The design of this calculator is unique and high quality which makes it stand out from other calculators in the market at the moment.

The calculator is also battery powered so you don’t need to worry about plugging it in when you use it.

This calculator uses the latest technology to give you the most accurate calculations possible.

It uses solar energy to power itself so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries regularly.

4. Texas Instruments Math Etica Ti 83PLUS – $1,500

The Texas Instruments Math Etica Ti 83PLUS is one of the best calculators for college students. It’s also a great choice for high school students who want to get ahead.

The TI-83 Plus has a fairly large screen that makes it easier to see what you’re doing when you’re working on long equations.

The display has been upgraded from the previous model, making it an even better choice.

The calculator comes with a lot of great features, including an equation solver and a table generator.

This is the perfect calculator for students who love math and want to be able to do more than just solve equations.

The TI-83 Plus is a great option for students who want to start taking math classes early in their academic careers.

It will help them learn how to solve basic equations using variables before they have to deal with more advanced topics like calculus or trigonometry.

This calculator also allows you to do things like graph your results and create tables from data that you’ve entered into it.

This is useful if you’re studying statistics or finance and need to make sense of complicated information quickly and easily.

2. Wolfram Mathematica 9 – $6,995

Wolfram Mathematica 9 is one of the best calculators in the world. It is not only a calculator, it can solve complex formulas.

It has a vast amount of functions that allows you to do many things. One of its functions, 3D graphing, allows users to visualize data in graphs.

The pros of this powerful tool are that it allows you to compute symbolic derivatives, integrals, and limits; it also allows you to plot functions using polar coordinates, which is essential to calculus.

It has many great features, but the most important feature is its ability to do numerical calculations.

This makes it ideal for solving problems in differential equations (e.g., solving the equation x^2 + 1 = 0), because the solution is usually a number rather than a formula (x = -1).

1. Grillet portable Calculator – $1,55,000

Rene Grillet de Roven invented the world’s first portable calculator in 1763, using Napier’s logarithm to perform math and solve complicated divisions.

You probably won’t use it for math, but trust me when I say it’s worth 155k just for its antiquity.

But seriously!! The price does not convey the significance of this pocket-sized calculator, as it opened the door to new opportunities from which we are still benefiting.

So, don’t you think the price is justified???

Calculators have been extremely useful to inventors and businessmen since the dawn of civilization.

Today, we use computers to perform complex tasks, but did you know that computers were invented by improving the basic law of the calculator?

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